In general, most people enjoy a massage. Humans enjoy physical contact with another person, whether it’s a hug with a friend, a fist bump with a co-worker, or a massage with a professional who works in a chiropractic office.

But is a massage at Lexington chiropractor always the right course of action? Each type of chiropractic service we offer — chiropractic adjustments, decompression therapy, cold laser therapy — all have their time and place in treatments. Should you get a massage every time just for the feel of it, or are there times when you should forgo it?

The fact is, it’s going to depend on the type ailments you’re having, and if the staff at our chiropractic clinic in Lexington think that a particular type of chiropractic medicine is right for you. Let’s take a look at how massage therapy can complement chiropractic care.

Preparing the Muscles

Sometimes a chiropractor will suggest that a massage be performed before a chiropractic adjustment. After all, chiropractic medicine focuses on the soft tissues of the body — muscles, tendons, and ligaments — as well as the skeleton and joints.

Chiropractic adjustments include quick motions during the doctor’s manipulation, and if someone is susceptible to muscle problems during the procedure then it might be best if they have a massage beforehand. This loosens and prepares the muscles so that they aren’t harmed during the coming adjustment. The warmth from the massage also causes the muscles to relax.

All of these benefits come together in order to improve flexibility. A massage isn’t always required to prepare the body for chiropractic adjustment, but in certain circumstances it can be an excellent way to relax the muscles before treatment.

Improving Circulation

One reason that massage therapy is so beneficial to muscles is that it improves circulation directly to the areas that are massaged. This means that blood flow is returning the area, which is one of the tenets of chiropractic medicine. When blood returns to the area, oxygen also returns, and every cell in your body needs oxygen to thrive. Improved circulation also delivers more nutrients to your muscles, which aids in healing. On top of that, massage helps to dispose of lactic acid, which is the acid that builds up in muscles and leads to fatigue.

Aiding Hard Tissue Manipulation

Whenever a muscle is tightened, it hardens and makes it more difficult to work with the hard tissues, such as the spine, joints, and bones. Essentially, the muscles can fight against the therapist as he or she is performing an adjustment, making it harder to get the results they’re looking for. If the muscles are relaxed before an adjustment, it just makes it easier to get deeper and to properly adjust the hard tissues. It can also reduce any soreness that might occur after the adjustment.

Feeling Good

The final benefit you can experience from massage therapy at our chiropractic clinic is simple, yet very effective. As we started off saying in this article, massage simply feels good for most people. We’re social animals, so the touch is certainly an important part of the experience, as it tends to lighten our mood when the massage is performed in a safe setting. Aromatherapy can also be a part of massage therapy, further relaxing a patient and helping them to enjoy the entire experience.

When something feels good, it’s boosting your endorphins and your mood, which can make you feel better and reduce pain. It relaxes you physically as well as mentally, so that you’re not carrying as much tension around with you and undoing some of the good the doctor or therapist performs with other treatments at our chiropractic clinic.

Are You Ready For Your Massage?

If you’re like most patients, the mere mention of a massage makes you want to contact us today for an appointment. Massage therapy at our chiropractic clinic can help to improve range of motion, make chiropractic adjustments easier, reduce pain, and just make you feel better overall.

If you’re ready for an amazing massage that also aids in your health, we’re ready to help. Schedule your next Lexington chiropractic appointment with us today!