1. Who would have known my issue was one that a chiropractor could solve??

    I have been to many doctors over the course of 5 years. Who would have known my issue was one that a chiropractor could solve?? It has been almost a year and the numbness is my arm is completely gone. I would recommend the doctors at Flex to anyone!

    Sean H (1/18)
  2. Personal Care

    I was in pain with my low back could not stand for long time. It hurt for me to move around. Not only my back but legs and head were hurting all day. In just a few weeks of going to Flex Chiropractic I felt so much better. Within the first two weeks all my head pain was gone. Now I can move around pain free. They are so nice and everyone is always happy and very helpful. And they do give personal care to everyone.

    Jannie H (1/18)
  3. So Thankful!

    I am so thankful for the help I’ve received since coming to Flex. When I came I was in extreme pain due to a problem with my ribs and poor alignment. It was such a relief to find the root of my problem that had become debilitating and causing me to not be able to exercise or do daily activities. After 2-3 months I feel like a new person. I’m thankful for the staff who treated me kindly and helped me recover. My good results have led my husband to join me. So Thankful!

    Janice O
  4. Don’t ever stop what you do to help others.

    To Dr. Larson, Dr. Drake, Dr. Taylor and the entire staff, I want to sincerely thank you all for taking care of me. For getting me back to some sort of normal for me. When the tractor trailer hit me and I was pinned in my car I truly thought that I would never be able to do the things I once did. Things that are simple but we tend to take for granted. When I first came here it was painful just for Dr. Taylor to touch me. I really didn’t see the end of the tunnel. But I do know if you want something bad enough it will happen. So I programmed my mind, body, and spirit that life for me must go on and I wanted my independence back. Once again I cannot ever thank all of you for what you did for me. I love  you all and please don’t ever stop what you do to help others.

    Joann B
  5. Highly Recommend This Office

    I came to HealthSource Chiropractic after an automobile accident.  I was in severe pain in my nick and entire back.  The employees at Health Source on Bull St welcomed me with open arms and assured me that they would help.  I appreciate the friendliness of everyone here and their genuine concern for my well being.  After I successfully completed my therapy here I feel better than I ever have before.  I would highly recommend this office to everyone I know.  Thank you all fer everything.

    Ayanna M
  6. Careful Attention

    I started coming to Healthsource when I began experiencing back pain.  I came a few time and then once the pain was gone I stopped coming: bad decision.  A couple of years later I began experiencing low back pain wile running and started coming back in for treatment.  After a couple of weeks of treatment when my pain wasn’t not improving an x-ray was done, followed by an MRI.  These test showed that I had a herniated disc in my lower back.  I was started on a treatment plan that included e-stimulation, decompression and adjustments.  Slowly but surely my back got much better and best of all, NO SURGERY!  Since then, I have been coming every 2 weeks whether I felt I needed it or now.  I contribute my recovery to careful attention to my back issue, subsequent treatment, and continuing on maintenance.

  7. Immediate Relief

    I have been a patient for about a year. I got immediate relief of my problem when I first arrived. About one year after getting adjusted my kidney levels of creatinine have made a dramatic improvement. My nephrologist said it was nearly miraculous that my kidneys markers had changed so much. The only thing I changed was getting adjusted! Dr. Larson explained that the area of my spine that controlled the kidneys was so misaligned that the kidneys couldn’t function properly. After about a year of realigning the area my kidneys seem to be healing themselves.  All the doctors, techs and admins are very professional and wonderful people. I highly recommend their practice.
    Stephen K
  8. Recommend​ Highly

    What can I say that hasn’t already been said? We’ve been coming to Flex Chiropractic for a very long time, and they’re fabulous. My wife got their “award” for being the patient who has been going to Dr. Larson the longest. Dr.Larson can examine you and tell you what’s wrong before you even tell her your symptoms. All really good folks, and their treatments are effective. Recommend highly!

    Steve P
  9. Simply the Best

    What a great experience! I Needed the service due to a recent injury . The staff was simply the best. It was truly a learning experience. They taught me how to take care of my back and how to avoid injuries. The exercise routine I will keep for life. Go team!

    Sheryl H
  10. A Baby Flipped!

    A baby flipped! Congratulations to our 37 week in-utero baby who flipped out of breech positioning after 2 chiropractic adjustments with a special technique known as Webster’s. Chiropractic care is safe and effective for both pregnant mothers and their babies throughout the entire pregnancy! Webster’s technique adjusts the pelvis back into proper alignment so that te baby has room to position him/herself into the correct position for birth allowing for a smooth delivery! In our 10 years of practice this little baby marks the 20th successful flip after realigning the pelvis!