Most people only visit their local chiropractor when their back or neck hurts. And, while our treatments can certainly help with that, there are dozens of other ways chiropractic care can enhance overall health. For instance, pregnancy adjustments can help relieve some of the pain associated with pregnancy and giving birth. And did you know that scheduling a chiropractic adjustment for your child has been shown to result in better sleep, help with spinal development, and reduced severity of asthma and allergies? 

Experience what chiropractic care can do for you and your family. Check out our services below and then contact our office to make an appointment!

▼ Chiropractic Care

Understanding your pain…

When pain occurs it is showing you that somewhere in your body a problem has surfaced. People shrug pain off every day thinking it will work its way out, but that may not be the case. You might need to seek professional help to correct and maintain the problem.

▼ Sinus and Allergies

Allergies got you down?

Allergies occur when the body’s defense system—the immune system—is hypersensitive to a harmless substance, called an allergen, and treats this substance as if it were a harmful or foreign invader. Attempting to defend itself against the allergen—a substance like pollen, dust, mold, smoke, or pet dander (scales of skin)—the body produces an antibody (a type of protein), which results in symptoms like itchy, watery eyes, a runny or stuffy nose, scratchy throat, and sneezing. In more severe allergic reactions, rashes, hives, a drop in blood pressure, difficulty breathing etc.

▼ Chiropractic for Kids

Advanced technology, continuing our education, and being at the forefront of the latest techniques is how we provide quality service that changes our patients’ lives. 

Flex Chiropractic is using many resources such as advancing our technology, updating our methods, and using good caring philosophy to increase the well-being and health of our patients. Cryotherapy, cold laser treatments, and more all come together to deliver the best back pain relief around.

▼ Spinal Decompression

Is sciatica or radiculopathy getting the best of you?

Spinal decompression may be the answer for you if you have-sciatica, pain down the arms or legs, numbness or tingles, pain to sit, pain to walk, pain to stand for a period of time, degenerated discs, reoccurring pain.

▼ Sports Injuries

You don’t have to live with joint pain. Contact us today to see if we can help!

Your joints are the “bearings” that enable you to move. From picking up a cup of coffee to bending over and grabbing a penny from the floor.

▼ Neck and Low Back Pain

Living with neck pain is a pain in the neck that you don’t have to live with.

Pain that radiates down the arm, and possibly into the hands and fingers, is frequently caused by a cervical disc or pinched nerve in the neck. 

▼ Car Accident Injuries

Whiplash is a serious condition, it can cause long-term pain and discomfort if not treated.

Whiplash occurs when the muscles in your neck suffer a strain due to a sudden movement backward and then forward. The sudden motion causes your neck’s tendons and ligaments to stretch and tear, resulting in whiplash.

We currently provide the following services:

Chiropractic Adjustments (both manual and non-manual techniques)

Adjustments Tailored to Newborns, Infants, Toddlers, and Children

If you have any questions for your local chiropractor or concerns that we can address — or if you would like to set up an appointment with us — please get in touch with us at your earliest convenience. Everyone at our chiropractic clinic looks forward to helping you on your way to a healthier life!