While pregnancy is a perfectly natural occurrence in the life of many women, it can feel like anything but natural! In addition to the vast amount of hormonal changes that women experience, they also have to accommodate the weight gain associated with pregnancy, weight gain that is focused front and center on their bodies. A baby in this position can lead to excessive back pain for the mother, especially during the last months of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Chiropractic Adjustments

With so much back pain associated with pregnancy, it’s no wonder many expecting mothers seek out chiropractic care. It’s common practice for us to see women at every stage of pregnancy in our clinic. We’ll treat pregnant women with the same care as we do all of our clients, talking with them about their medical history, the specific pains they are having, and the best methods of helping them with pregnancy-related back pain.

But it’s not just pain that brings women into our chiropractic clinic. In fact, many women have read reports on the benefits of chiropractic care and how it relates to the labor itself. Some studies show that having a treatment before the baby arrives can aid in reduced labor times, less back pain associated with the labor, and a decreased need for drugs.

Are Pregnancy Adjustments Right For You?

Pregnancy chiropractic adjustments are just as safe for expecting mothers as they are for anyone else, and the treatment can offer great relief to someone who is going through a difficult time. Reducing pain is always our goal at both Flex Chiropractic offices.

If you are in need of a chiropractic treatment — or would like to gift a chiropractic treatment to a pregnant friend — click here to get the process started!