It’s a sad fact of life that approximately 80-percent of people will experience back problems sometime during their adult lives. Back problems can arise in people for so many reasons: work conditions, uncomfortable chairs, worn-out mattresses, and vehicle accidents affect four-out-of-five Americans. And while these stimuli can directly affect the lower back, back pain can also move into the legs and shoulders.

Many back problems are caused by subluxations, which simply means that the vertebrae are out of alignment. Unfortunately, subluxation can lead to pain throughout the body, especially if the misalignment is so bad that the soft tissues of the back are being compressed or damaged.

Adjustments As Part of Chiropractic Care

For more than 100 years, spinal adjustments have been the backbone of chiropractic medicine. The world we live in often causes our vertebrae to move in ways that they shouldn’t. Sometimes these movements are slow, such as when a non-ergonomic chair — or poor posture while sitting in any chair — causes subluxations. Other times these spinal vertebrae can become misaligned in less than a second (such as a car accident) or a fall (whether it’s off a house roof or simply after a misstep on the sidewalk).

In general, the point of adjustments is to align the vertebrae of the spine to a natural position, which takes pressure from the soft tissues and nerves so that they are allowed to heal.

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