Chiropractic adjustments can provide effective, long-term relief for people suffering from back and neck pain as well as a variety of other ailments. It’s a much safer option than relying on potentially-addictive prescription medication and risky invasive surgery to relieve pain. Despite its benefits, some people are still reluctant to get a chiropractic adjustment because they don’t like the sudden twisting movements and cracking noises. Fortunately, treatments can now be given using a tool called a Pro-Adjuster. It makes it possible for the doctor to administer safe and gentle manipulation without fear or potential discomfort.

How Does the Pro-Adjuster Work? 

A Pro-Adjuster is a sophisticated piece of technology that is used to find and fix problem areas in your spine. It does this by determining whether certain vertebrae move too fluidly or too rigidly. The chiropractor uses the Pro-Adjuster to take measurements of your back. Those measurements are then sent to a computer and in return, the Pro-Adjuster will gently and precisely manipulate the abnormal areas. In doing so, nerve pressure is released, relieving pain and increasing your range of motion.

Call Flex Chiropractic To Learn More About the Pro-Adjuster

At Flex Chiropractic, we want to provide our patients with several options to treat their pain. That’s why we offer traditional manual chiropractic adjustments as well as non-manual adjustments using the Pro-Adjuster. People who fear going to a chiropractor appreciate the gentler approach of the Pro-Adjuster while still getting effective relief. Interested in learning more? Give us a call or schedule an appointment today. We have two convenient locations in Columbia and Lexington.