Don’t ever stop what you do to help others.

To Dr. Larson, Dr. Drake, Dr. Taylor and the entire staff, I want to sincerely thank you all for taking care of me. For getting me back to some sort of normal for me. When the tractor trailer hit me and I was pinned in my car I truly thought that I would never be able to do the things I once did. Things that are simple but we tend to take for granted. When I first came here it was painful just for Dr. Taylor to touch me. I really didn’t see the end of the tunnel. But I do know if you want something bad enough it will happen. So I programmed my mind, body, and spirit that life for me must go on and I wanted my independence back. Once again I cannot ever thank all of you for what you did for me. I loveĀ  you all and please don’t ever stop what you do to help others.

Joann B