1. An Introduction To Cold Laser Therapy

    At Flex Chiropractic in Columbia and Lexington, we believe in offering patients safe and effective alternatives to surgery and pain medication. If you’re looking for a more natural approach to help your body heal from injury and get effective relief for pain, cold laser therapy is another alternat…Read More

  2. What’s the Difference Between Acupuncture and Dry Needling?

    Do you suffer from back pain, neck pain, or frequent headaches? Depending on the cause of your pain, there’s an alternative therapy that could bring you relief and it’s called dry needling. For people who have never heard of dry needling before, it can sound a bit scary. Many wonder if it's the …Read More

  3. The Benefits of Cryotherapy

    The benefits of ice treatments have been around since humans have had aches, pains, and injuries. Ice helps reduce inflammation, reduce swelling, and aid the healing process. In the 21st century, cryotherapy has taken the benefits of ice treatments to a superior level — as well as timely with the …Read More

  4. What Is Cold Laser Therapy, and How Does A Chiropractor Use It?

    While chiropractic adjustments are an excellent way of helping to adjust the body and reduce inflammation, they are far from the only types of treatments offered at your local chiropractic clinic. In fact, many of the treatments you’ll find at a chiropractic office today are more high-tech than ev…Read More

  5. A Quick History of Chiropractic Medicine

    Healing comes from many different sources. Sometimes a medicine will come from a natural source and then be synthesized into a Western medicine. Other times the body can simply take care of itself and doesn’t need any additional treatment, like when you bump your arm and get a bruise. In the most …Read More