Are you interested in getting care from the best chiropractor in Lexington? Dr. Chad is here to help deliver the best chiropractic care around at our Lexington Chiropractic Clinic.

We offer the latest in chiropractic medicine at our family chiropractic clinic when you need neck and back pain treatments. We have cryotherapy, spinal decompression. cold laser therapy, ultrasound therapy, bulging┬ádisc treatments, and more. Looking for “chiropractic care near me”? Find a chiropractor who cares. Contact our chiropractic clinic today!

“Dr. Chad. What good is health without a real DR.? Thanks DR.”

Kean Lynch 10/17

“Great staff. Really helped me with back pain I was having. Can’t recommend highly enough!”

Dan Carson 08/17

“Love this clinic! Dr Chad and Melissa has done wonders for us!”

LaVerne Herring Sanders 07/17

“The staff is always friendly, it’s always clean, there is rarely a wait to see the doctor. The appointments have helped relieve my neck and lower back pain.”

Jonathan Kilby 07/17

“Mr. Chad is a good person. He enjoys talking to you about anything. I have made two months of visiting. Yes, I will go back to them.”

Loretta West 07/17

“Everyone that works in this establishment has made my appointments go smoothly and have given me the best care. Without a doubt everyone knows exactly what they’re talking about, have the client’s best treatment in mind, and makes it an overall great experience. I look forward to continuing my treatment plan at this location!”

Madison Feldheiser 07/17

“I love the practice. The people here are so charismatic. The energy there is so bubbly. They make sure they do everything they can to make sure you feel better walking out then you did when you came in. For a week straight I was having the worse headaches all I had to do was call and they squeezed me in Dr. Chad made sure he did everything in his power to help and he did. Jennifer is the first face you see once you walk in and she will just light up the whole place. Michelle is awesome I’ll come in with my children and if she’s not busy she immediately starts playing with them to keep them entertained. I’m blessed to have meet these awesome people.”

Sherrayne Harris 06/17

“I’m so glad I find this for my ra in my back
Dr Chad is the bomb he help my back loose up Ever time I go in their . my back feel better and not so tight . I highly recommend this because the staff is Aswome and super freindly they care about the patients they are one call away if u did innything or if u are in pain the care about u and your back . We love Healthsoure exspecly dr Chad and his staff the rock and their the bomb.”

Sophia Hein 06/17

“I am so glad I have found this practice! For over three years I have had constant pain due to a foot injury which led to surgery then to crutches and then being in a Cam boot, so it went from foot pain to hip to back pain! After the first visit there was remarkable difference. Each visit I got continually better with the help of Dr. Chad and the therapy I was doing with Melissa. They always make you feel welcome and completely at ease.”

Deborah McGrath Johnston 06/17

“Have been a patient of Dr. Chad for years. When I have pain, I usually call and given an appointment quickly. Dr Chad is very good at locating the area of my pain and making it better. He is very patient with me and answers all my questions to it’s fullest. I have never left his office uncertain about anything. The staff is very friendly. I am welcomed with a smile all the time.”

Sarah Ford 06/17

“Dr Chad, Melissa and Jennifer are the best! They treat you like a friend. The added benefit of getting pain relief is just a bonus! It’s great to have the extra benefits of exercises and muscle stimulation to go along with spinal correction. Definitely would recommend to everyone.”

Jack N Tracy Branham 06/17

“Dr. Chad has soothe my pains with his technique so that I can enjoy the things in life. Most doctors you see its about money….not with Flex Chiropractic they are focused on your improvement. They are even great about pains that just start all you have to do is call and they’ll squeeze you in.”

Joyce Sims 06/17

“Excellent place, very nice people and facility. Dr. Chad is the best!”

Jesse Bickley 04/17

“I have been a patient for well over a year now. Dr. Chad is amazing as well as the rest of the staff. Great results from my visits.”

Benjamin P. Morgan 03/17

“I always feel so much better when I leave! Thanks Dr. Chad!”

Amanda Elliott 03/17

“Over the years I have been to my share of chiropractors- today was my initial visit with Flex Chiropractic and to say I was “blown away” is an understatement. Corinne is extremely friendly, knowledgeable and gave me incredible customer service. She took the time to discuss all of my forms, and gave me a tour of the facility. Dr. Chad was thorough, kind and has a great bed side manner. I felt very comfortable in his presence-which is very important to me. I look forward to continuing my care with this great office.”

Kimra Hickey 02/17

“I want to thank my husband for getting me out the house. I have been in real bad shape for a long time. Glad I did my visit today was awesome. You guys are great!! I never felt so welcomed! You know some placing are. But you guys welcomed my husband and then me. I want to thank you yall so very much! I looking forward to my next visit! Thank you Dr Chad Corine Melissa you guys rock!!!!”

Christy Derrick 02/17

“Dr. Chad and his team are the best! I have severe degenerative disc disease and several other muscle and joint issues. They have kept me moving for five + years now. I am sure I would have had more surgery by now if not for the amazing care I have received. Thank you for all you do!!!”

Dee Bowers 02/17

“I have been treated by Dr Chad for the last 5 years. He is helping me with my ongoing back problems. Dr Chad and his staff really care about you.”

June Jensen 01/17

“The Flex Chiropractic staff is so friendly and helpful. I always leave feeling 100% better than I did when I arrived!”

Lindsey Brooke Geddings 01/17

“Always will work me in when needed. Love to refer my friends to them.”

Betty C Hall 01/17

“Awesome people who treat you like family, Thank you Dr. Chad”

Jeffry Rodriguez Martinez 01/17

“I have been a client for 8 years. Anytime I have problems, I go and see them. In fact, was just there this morning for Dr. Chad to do an adjustment. Making real progress on my neck!”

Holly Wyman 12/16

“Wonderful staff and patient care! They have worked magic on my back and shoulder pain!”

Jenny Hutto 12/16

“Fabulous and experienced staff. In and out service.”

Bernie Stebner Wilkerson 12/16

“I’ve been dealing with vertigo for over 5 months and saw multiple doctors and nothing helped. Until I came to see Dr Chad!! I finally feel like I’m on the road to recovery! Forever grateful!”

Cindy Tragle Powell 12/16

“There was a time that I was a skeptic about chiropractic medicine. I’m definitely a believer! Dr Chad, Dr Bunce and their team have been helping me off and on for a few years now. They know what they’re doing. They’re corgial and friendly, and I rarely have to wait more than a few minutes to be seen. It’s a pleasure to visit Flex Chiropractic of Lexington.”

Sallie Chester 11/16

“The folks at Flex Chiropractic have been a pleasure to work with. Dr Chad has done wonders with my pain from arthritis in my neck and also alleviated the other symptoms accompanying it. I’m so grateful I found them.”

Cathy Wright 10/16

“They have great service.My back and neck have hurt me my whole life but going to Flex Chiropractic has helped tons.”

Benny Singleton 10/16

“Great service! Dr Chad is awesome.The staff is very friendly and caring”

Eder Maestre 10/16

“You never know how important good health is until you don’t have it anymore. Lower back pain/spasms, migraine headaches, neck pain have impacted my life. Unable to participate in social activities is enough, but struggling to work 12 hour shifts of heavy physical work hurts not only physically, but mentally. Flex Chiropractic of Lexington, SC are great. It’s not just an adjustment & leave. There’s physical therapy there & at home, traction & muscle stimulation for me. I’m not back to where I was, but I’m improving. It doesn’t stop there, good nutrition is emphasized. The staff is just as awesome as the services. It’s definitely a 5 STAR!!”

Kathy Hobson 09/16

“My journey with Flex Chiropractic began about 4 months ago with ankle and knee issues. As I met with Dr. Chad n my first visit, I just happened to share that I had been having headaches almost daily. Upon looking at the x-rays of my neck, Dr. Chad saw that my neck did not have the natural curvature it should. He added neck exercises and adjustments as part of my treatment plan. Melissa began working with me, and my headaches were gone within the first two weeks of treatment! I am so appreciative of all of the staff at Flex Chiropractic of Lexington! They are an amazing group of professionals who truly care about their patients!”

Tracey Williams Wooten 09/16

“I was very pleased with everything, even before my first visit! They were very kind, caring, and welcoming! They did an awesome job handling all 5 of us… me, my husband, and 3 kids! I’m so happy with my results and learning more about what’s going on and other things I can do! I also love that they are very into and knowledgeable about essential oils!! Highly recommend them!!”

Courtney Alexandria 09/16

“Flex Chiropractic of Lexington rocks! I’ve been seeing Dr. Chad for several years and am very pleased with the level of care. It’s a great team – relaxed and like to have fun, and at the same time very professional. I appreciate the fact that continuing education is a high priority for them. Can’t say enough great things about this team!! If you’re looking for a fantastic chiropractic experience, visit Flex Chiropractic of Lexington, SC !!”

NJ Miler 09/16

“I have only been going to Flex Chiropractic of Lexington for a few weeks. In that time my pain has significantly decreased! The staff is wonderful and very knowledgeable. I have had trouble with my cervical spine for around six years. I was considering another injection in the neck for pain when someone suggested I visit Flex Chiropractic- I am no longer in need of an injection and feel much better over all.”

Donna Burkett 09/16

“Best Chiropractor in the world. Dr. Chad Bills. Everyone is very professional Sad to see Rachel leave but the lady taking her place is excellent.”

Sammy Rhoden 09/16

“I have been a patient of Health Source in Lexington for several years now and they have taken such great care of me. I highly recommend them!”

Sheila McDevett 09/16

“AGAIN, I have been given GREAT service from the TEAM @ Flex Chiropractic of Lexington, Thank ALL of you for the assistance you have given me over the last year !!!!! GREAT PEOPLE !!!!!”

John Phipps 09/16

“I absolutely loved my experience at Health Source of Lexington, they were all so friendly and caring and they made it fun as I hope we made it a little fun for them too! Thank you so much I hope to see you all soon!”

Lala Thacker 08/16

“Awesome people, and excellent care to keep my workouts pain free!”

John Wiggins 08/16

“Great place to be at if you have back issues and great friendly atmosphere”

Chris Martin 08/16

“Experience optimal health and mobility with regular visits to Health Source of Lexington-your body will love you for it!! Enough said-live your life to the fullest – Flex Chiropractic can do it!!! Amazing results!!!”

Cathy Burkett 08/16

“I have been having back problems for awhile now. Thanks to Flex Chiropractic I am able to do things I haven’t done due to the pain. I would recommend Flex Chiropractic to anyone. The people are fantastic along with the service.”

Jody Kemmerlin 08/16

“I have been going here for a few weeks and wow. Dr. Chad and his staff really know there stuff. You don’t realize that your spine is getting tight because it happens so gradually and when you put movement back into it and follow the exercises it is crazy how fast you see results. Dr. Chad, Mellissa and the whole team at Flex Chiropractic have been amazingly helpful.”

John Reeves 08/16

“Received good treatment for chronic lower back pain. Was also given excellent back exercises that keep my back feeling great. Regular follow-up maintenance has worked well.”

Judy Jamison Beck 08/16

“I have been dealing with a degenerating disc for 23 years now. Last November it finally twinged and I could barely walk. My doctor told me that the only option I had was surgery because my disc was about half way out of place. That was an unacceptable option to me. I started at Flex Chiropractic in December 2015 and have been going regularly getting my adjustments, doing the exercises, getting spinal decompression, and restricting my lifting (which can be extensive at times) and have experienced a huge improvement. Since my disc was so far out of whack it is surprising to me how much improvement has been made. I no longer need to have my cane…I don’t even carry it in my car “just in case” anymore. I recently went on one of my many work trips which requires me to sit in a car cross-country for 12-16 hours a day, then unload a trailer once we arrive at our destination. I also went two weeks abroad traveling with a tour group on a bus across Ireland which was a LOT of sitting and bumpy roads. Not once did I need my heating pad at night or my back brace. It was amazing! I have needed both of those things every time I load and unload for the past 15 years. I still get biweekly adjustments to keep an eye on my progress. I highly recommend Dr. Chad at Flex Chiropractic of Lexington who has been very patient with me through this entire process.”

Jyl Poole 08/16

“I love health source! Great doctors and a wonderful staff!! Would definitely recommend!!”

Savannah Woods Terrapin 08/16

“Rachael was very informative. They offer a lot of helpful services”

John Brown 07/16

“Doctor Chad and Doctor Adam are fantastic! The staff is the best and they treat you like family!”

Angela Dooley Marklin 04/16

“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the staff here. Have been under Dr. Chad’s care for years and he ALWAYS comes thru. Wouldn’t go anywhere else when I need an adjustment. THANK YOU for the friendly atmosphere and true caring. (on a personal note – the entire staff sent me a beautiful, sweet card and called me at home when my sister passed away. I will always be grateful).”

Darla Kuhn 01/16

“Health Source has the most qualified and experienced professionals anyone can find. In a very tight time frame they had me pain free and recovered not only for work but also for athletic performance.”

Sergio Reyes 12/15

“Outstanding, very professional and effective care.”

Michael Jeffcoat 08/15

“My family LOVES the people of Flex Chiropractic of Lexington. They are friendly, helpful, and really want you to live pain free!!”

Meg Hanks Huggins 07/15

“The staff is amazing!! Doctors are amazing! I have gone in, in pain and left with no pain.”

Erin Jenkins 06/15

“Dr. Bunce and Dr. Chad are amazing chiropractors with a love for serving others, and their team members are absolutely wonderful!”

Caroline Timothy Babb 06/15

“Excellent staff very detailed and great concern for patients”

Terrence Green 05/15

“Love my adjustments and care.”

Barbara Robinson Broadway 04/14