There are certain conditions and maladies that can’t be helped with traditional chiropractic techniques, yet people come to us seeking treatments when traditional medicines and therapies don’t seem to work.

Of all the service offerings at our chiropractic clinic, the one that’s least known is functional neurological rehabilitation. But don’t let the name scare you off, because functional neurological rehabilitation is a safe alternative to medication.

Functional Neurological Rehabilitation

Functional Neurological Rehabilitation, also known as FN, works on the idea that the brain can form new connections. At one time, doctors thought damaged brain cells meant a loss of a particular function, but neuroplasticity shows that the brain can remap itself to make up for lost functionality.

With a wide variety of exercises tailored to a specific person, FN can help with motor disorders, balance problems, mild strokes, vertigo, post-concussion, autism, and ADHD. Therapies include balancing exercises, eye movement exercises, complex movements (such as mirror therapy, catching a ball, etc), and vestibular rehab (balancing including spinning and positional maneuvers).

Give Functional Neurological Rehabilitation a Try

Functional Neurological Rehabilitation is an excellent option to try when you’re looking for a drug-free method of rehabilitation. Contact us today to further discuss if FN is right for you or your loved one.