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Chiropractor Tips To Help Manage Headaches

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Chiropractic care is one of the most popular holistic treatments available for people who want to live healthier lives. A chiropractor provides relief from pain and headaches, as well as other chronic conditions that can be managed with minor skeletal adjustments. However, if you are unable to visit your chiropractor often enough, it may be difficult to keep your symptoms under control. Here are some quick tips on how you can take care of yourself at home between visits, and if you're interested in finding a chiropractor in Columbia, Flex Chiropractic is the place for you!

Adjust the Way You Sleep

One of the most common causes of headaches is sleeping in a position that puts stress on your neck, shoulders, and head. If you wake up every morning with a headache, consider changing the way you sleep at night to reduce strain on your muscles and joints when they are relaxed. Try sleeping with your pillow at an angle to better support your head, or sleeping on your back instead of shifting to one side or the other. While these positions may not be your go-to sleeping position at first, you may start to notice your neck and head feels much better in the morning.


Take Technology Breaks 

If you spend a lot of time on your phone or tablet, you may find that you get headaches more frequently. The reason many people experience headaches when they use technology is because they tend to look down at their phone or tablet while using it. When you look down for long periods of time, your head is in a forward position that can put stress on the muscles and joints. To reduce strain when using technology, make sure to sit up straight with good posture while you're working at your computer or using smart devices.



Try Temperature Therapy

One headache treatment that can be completed in a matter of minutes at home is using cold or hot packs. Headaches are often caused by muscle tension, so applying either heat or ice to the area around your neck and shoulders for 10 minutes can help reduce any pain you may have. If you've never tried this method before, it's best to start with ice. If you have problems falling asleep at night because of your headache, using heat may be better for you, as it can help relax muscles and ease tension in the neck area.




Go To a Chiropractor

While there are ways you can naturally reduce the frequency of your headaches at home, if these treatments aren't enough to keep your symptoms under control, it's best to visit a chiropractor for an adjustment. When left untreated or improperly treated, headaches can lead to more serious conditions like migraines and sinus headaches that can result in chronic pain and discomfort. 




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