Chiropractic is an exciting profession, with new forms of treatment showing up all the time to help those with pain. Our family chiropractic clinic is perpetually engaging in new training so that we can give our customers the absolute best in chiropractic care. Find out more about it in these blogs!

  1. Five Tips For Boosting Your Immune System

    Staying healthy is a topic that’s on everyone’s minds lately, and it’s no surprise. With the pandemic nearing the eight-month mark, people are looking for ways to keep their bodies safe and functioning at their full potential. One way to do this is to boost your immune system. The main role of…Read More

  2. chiropractic appointments pregnancy flex chiropractic columbia

    Why Pregnant Women Can Benefit from Going to a Chiropractor

    Pregnancy is a beautiful time for many women. After all, you're growing a miracle right in your belly, and you can't wait to meet them! However, as your belly grows bigger, you may experience aches and pains associated with your changing body. So what can you do about them that is safe for your baby…Read More

  3. Start These Five Healthy Habits For a Pain-Free Back in 2020

    Every year, millions of people make the same resolutions to lose weight, save more money, or get healthier. While these are all excellent choices for New Year’s goals, why not commit to starting some new, good habits that can have a positive impact on your health and happiness? We’re talking abo…Read More

  4. Flex Chiropractic, Your Chiropractor In Lexington, Just Moved!

    The only constant in life is change. Sometimes it’s bad change, like when you get injured and you need the help of a chiropractor in Lexington. Other times it’s good change, like when your chiropractor changes office locations! Dr. Bills and his staff have recently moved to a new office at 305 C…Read More

  5. Is Chiropractic Care Painful Enjoyable

    Is Chiropractic Care Painful? Enjoyable?

    One of the most common questions that people ask when they get to our office (or more likely one they type into Google) is “is Chiropractic Care painful?” It’s a very fair question. After all, most people associate care with pain if they have something wrong with them. Surgery is painful, shot…Read More

  6. What is Kinesio Tape

    What Is Kinesio Tape, and How Does It Work?

    If you’ve been to a gym, you might have seen some of the people there wearing unique bandages. It’s often used by those who play a professional sport or who are very serious about working out. While it might at first look like it would restrict movement, the people wearing seem to have no proble…Read More