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You are given one body when you are born that you will have for many, many years — maybe even 100 years. This body in the beginning is tiny. It grows for the first 20 years or so of your life, and then it stops. After you stop growing, your body will start aging. This is a very slow process that takes decades to see any noticeable signs. However, as you age, you will do lots of things with your body that will take its toll, from physical labor to childbirth. If you care for your body properly throughout your life, your body will serve you well.

One body part that can take a particular beating is your spine. After all, it has perhaps the most important job of all — to support your body, your organs, and allow you to move and do all of the fun things a lifetime brings. It behooves you to take care of your spine to support your lifestyle.

Flex Chiropractic offers chiropractic adjustments for people of all ages. While you are enjoying life, it’s possible for your spine to become misaligned, so small adjustments are made so that no major injuries occur and you have full range of motion. We have two offices to better serve you, one in Columbia and one in Lexington. Below, we’ll go over the importance of a good posture. Contact our family chiropractic clinic today to schedule an appointment!



Good posture is crucial to balance. When your spine is straight, your weight is centered over your feet, making it highly unlikely you will fall because you lose your balance. This becomes increasingly important as you age. Having good balance allows you to maintain correct form while exercising, resulting in fewer injuries and more muscle gains overall.

Reduces Lower Back Pain

When you slouch, more pressure and stress is placed on your lower back, including your spine. Specifically, your discs between your vertebrae, ligaments, and muscles are all strained. This can yield to a decrease in range of motion and flexibility. By having good posture, your body weight is distributed evenly, making lower back pain less likely and the need for lower back pain treatment minimal.

Decreases Headaches

If your neck is in the wrong position, the weight of your skull is on more vertebrae than others. Your muscles can become tense as they try to hold your head up, which can cause headaches. When your neck is in neutral position, or you have good posture, your muscles will relax and the number of headaches will disappear.

Reduces TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) Pain

TMJ is the joint that connects your jaw to your skull. When this joint is injured, it can cause TMJ pain. Most often, your jaw muscles are stressed and under tension. This is often noticed when you chew, speak, or open your mouth. It can cause headaches as well. Oftentimes while working or sitting for prolonged periods of time, you’ll clench your jaw, or your muscles will be out of alignment due to poor posture. Flex Chiropractic notes that this is usually remedied with proper ergonomics and a realization that you are clenching your jaw while working.

Better Lung Capacity

When you stand up straight and tall, your lungs are not compressed in on themselves. If you look at runners, you’ll notice they stand up nice and tall so they can breathe easier and take in more oxygen. When you have good posture, your breathing will be easier, you’ll take in more oxygen, you’ll be better able to focus, and you’ll just feel better overall as your body’s cells get the oxygen they need to function.


Flex Chiropractic cares about your posture, especially as you age. When you come into our local chiropractic clinic for a free consultation, we’ll examine your spine, as well as your other bones and make an assessment. Then we’ll develop a treatment plan if needed. Chiropractic appointments take an average of only 15 minutes after the initial consultation. These are quick and easy and can help you keep your spine in good health. In addition, we offer many other services, including massage therapy, cold-laser therapy, dry needling, our Pro Adjuster, and electrical stimulation. Choose our family chiropractic clinic today!