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Flex Chiropractic offers chiropractic care for all ages, including for infants and children. We strongly believe in our all-natural approach to realigning the spine and other bones to allow the soft tissue to heal. We offer two locations to better serve you, one in Lexington and one in Columbia. For over 22 years, we’ve been helping countless people find the treatment they need to help alleviate pain and help your body heal, whether you’ve been involved in a car accident, or you got hurt playing soccer on the weekend.

Our family chiropractic care clinic boasts the latest in technology, including the Pro Adjuster and decompression therapy, to help you when you need it the most. When you partner with us, you can rest assured you will be on your way to health and wellness. Below, we’ll take a look at how chiropractic care can help infants and children. Contact our local chiropractors today!


Beyond treating adults for the wear and tear they experience to their bodies, chiropractic care focuses on correcting improper motion and alignment in the vertebrae of the spine. Even babies that are newborns and children can have a misalignment of the spine that may interfere with communications of the spinal cord to the brain.

How Can A Chiropractor Help Infants?

  • To help with breathing difficulties, asthma, and allergies
  • To help with sleep disorders
  • To help with their brain development and nervous system
  • To help with their immune system
  • To help with earaches
  • To discover any spinal misalignments early and work to correct them
  • To help with digestive problems

Many parents want the best for their newborns. By having their infant seen by a local chiropractor such as Flex Chiropractic, you can ensure your little one is developing properly and receives help with any issues that may have appeared since birth. Birth itself can be a traumatic experience, and many things can happen. Similar to a wellness check, our expert chiropractors focus on the bones of your newborn rather than their overall health, such as at your pediatrician’s office.

How Can a Chiropractor Help Children?

  • To help with sleep
  • To help with their immune system
  • To help with behavior since it relieves tension that could be causing pain
  • To help with brain development
  • To help with the nervous system

Children can beat their bodies up as they grow. After all, they play all day while their bodies are growing at an incredible rate of speed. This can cause the bones and joints to be misaligned, which can cause problems down the road as children grow. Since children are still growing, it’s easy to fix minor problems now before they turn into something major while they still have a lot of cartilage in their bodies.

One key benefit of chiropractic care provided by leading pediatric chiropractors such as Flex Chiropractic is the release of tension. Tension and stress can cause many health issues, such as ear infections, headaches, asthma, trouble sleeping, and more. By investing in chiropractic care early, you’ll help your child grow and develop normally for life.


Flex Chiropractic offers chiropractic care for the whole family. Our experienced family chiropractors offer customized solutions in order to help you with your conditions. We understand that being in acute pain or having chronic pain can affect your everyday life to the point that you can’t enjoy it to the fullest. Children are incredibly active, and as they grow, they can become injured in sports quite easily. By maintaining their flexibility, your children are less likely to become injured in sports and in everyday play with their friends.

Our family chiropractors offer chiropractic adjustments for neck and back pain, sports injuries, and more. Our team can help you feel better so you can gain back your quality of life. We believe in individual treatment plans, which is why we offer a wide variety of chiropractic services to meet your needs. From functional neurological rehabilitation to massage therapy, spinal decompression therapy, massage therapy, and pregnancy adjustments, our local chiropractors have the tools they need to help you find an effective treatment plan. If we feel you need another treatment elsewhere, we are more than happy to refer you to reputable doctors in the area. Call for a chiropractic appointment today!