Lower back pain is something that many people live with on a daily basis. It can be caused by a wide range of factors that can be related to job, lifestyle, and previous injury just to name a few. While you can visit a chiropractor for lower back pain treatment, there are things you can do as part of your daily routine to get relief.

If you suffer from lower back pain, just getting through your workday can be a miserable experience. So what can you do to alleviate some of the pain so you can get on with your day? The back experts at Flex Chiropractic are here to help you understand what might be causing your pain and give you suggestions for things you can do to alleviate it. Check out our blog, and then give us a call if you have any questions.

What is Causing Your Pain?

Knowing the cause of your pain can help you understand the best way to treat it. Were you in a car accident? Do you have a desk job and after six hours in your chair, you find that you can never get comfortable? Or maybe your job requires you to do a lot of physical work so you’re moving and lifting things all day. For many people, they can find relief once they know what could be causing the pain.


The best way to eliminate back pain is to prevent it from happening in the first place. While this might not be helpful advice if you were in an accident, the majority of people who suffer from lower back pain initially injure or aggravate it by way of their actions. What does this mean? It means that by changing your habits you can alleviate current pain and prevent future injury from occurring.

What kind of habits affect back health? If you have a desk job where you are sitting in a chair for the majority of the day, chances are you have back pain. Sitting in one place for countless hours is one sure way to get lower back pain. Likewise, if you have a job that is physically taxing where you are required to move and lift all day, you’ll most likely experience back pain and fatigue.

In both of these scenarios, it’s important to modify your habits or use tools that can help take the stress off of your back. For desk jobs, making a point to alternate standing and sitting is the easiest way to help your back. Some companies have adjustable work desks that allow employees to stand while working on their computer. If you don’t have access to one of these, make sure that you’re getting away from your desk and taking a short walk — even if it’s just to the restroom. On the other hand, if you have a job that requires a lot of lifting, you can prevent pain and injury by making sure you wear a back support and getting training on proper lifting technique. If you’ve already injured your back, you might want to request a different job until your back has time to heal.

Outside of Work

How you live your life outside of work can also have an impact on how your back feels when you’re at work. Factors such as age, obesity, smoking, diet, and activity can have a big impact on your back health. While you might not be able to turn back the clock, maintaining a healthy weight, eating a balanced diet and engaging in regular, moderate activity can do wonders for an achy, sore back. Just make sure to check with your doctor before starting a new diet or fitness routine.

Getting Relief

You’ve analyzed what could be causing your pain and you’re trying to modify your habits to prevent additional injury, but what can you do with the daily, nagging pain you already have? The answer is three-fold: move often, use proper form, and pay attention to your posture. Depending on your job, you might focus on one of these three more than the others, but all play an important part in keeping a back pain-free.

If you want additional relief, or have pain that just won’t go away, you should consider visiting a chiropractor for lower back pain treatment. That’s where Flex Chiropractic can help. We offer a variety of services to help provide you with the best results possible. From decompression therapy and massage to chiropractic adjustments and electrical stimulation, we use trusted methods for helping you get the relief you so desperately need. If you have questions or want to schedule an appointment, please give us a call. We have convenient locations to serve you in Columbia and Lexington. We look forward to hearing from you!