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In the days of phone books, how did you know that you could trust someone? In the days before people typed “chiropractor near me” into a search engine, how did people decided that a chiropractic clinic was the right one for them and that others were actually finding relief from the chiropractic care they received?

The fact is, you couldn’t make a good decision based on a phone book ad. At most you could think to yourself “that company has the biggest and flashiest ad, so people must be supporting them enough to pay for it.” Not exactly a reliable way to choose someone who’s treating your health.

Luckily, today there are ways to verify that you’ll almost certainly get an excellent experience at a local chiropractor. While there are problems with some review platforms (ahem, Yelp), Google reviews and Top Rated Local are some of the most trustworthy out there. We’re proud to say that we have extremely high ratings on both platforms, and that’s certainly no accident. We work hard every day to ensure we treat each of our clients with the utmost respect. Today we’re going to take a look at what people are saying after they visit our family chiropractic office.

Let’s start with Generosa Tummond.

“I have been a patient for many years. Despite having many patients to see, Dr. Larson never rushes through my appointments. She answers any questions I have. She genuinely wants to educate her patients to optimize their success in getting better. The Flex staff and other doctors are always friendly and helpful. Keep up the great work!”

— Generosa Tummond

Thanks for writing in, and we’re glad you keep coming back to us for your chiropractic needs. Repeat business is the primary way that businesses survive, so it’s always good to see a familiar face walk through the door.

You’re right in saying that we have many patients to see, but we make sure to leave enough time so that we properly care for each one. There’s the occasional time when we get behind, but in general we’re able to stay on top of the situation thanks to the excellent chiropractic clinic staff we’ve hired. (As you’ve noticed, our staff isn’t just good at their jobs but are also “friendly and helpful.”)

Thanks for noticing how devoted our chiropractors are to educating our patients. The fact is, we know how important education is when it comes to health. We want our patients to ask questions, because the more information we can relay, the healthier they’ll be.

Okay, let’s take a look at what  JaQuan Riley has to say.

“I had my first appointment yesterday and from the time I signed in, til the time I left, I received 100% satisfaction! Those ladies took care of me, and ordered what I needed before I left. I’m looking forward to my future visits, and will keep you all updated on the results. Great Job so far Flex Chiropractic!”

— JaQuan Riley

When we heard from Generosa up above, we were hearing from someone who’s been coming for years. Now we hear from JaQuan who just had her first appointment. And they both seem equally happy!

JaQuan, we’re very glad you mentioned that it was your first time in. We treat everyone who walks through our doors with respects, and we know that those who come to our chiropractic clinic are trusting us with some aspect of their help. We’re deeply honored when they do, so no matter whether you’re a customer who’s been coming to us for years or if it’s your first time in, we’ll treat you well.

Finally, you mention that you’re looking forward to future visits. That’s not something you hear about most health visits, is it? Not many people say “I’m so happy to go to the dentist today” or “I can’t wait to get my flu shot.” The fact that you were so happy with your care that you’re looking forward to coming back is certainly a ringing endorsement.

Finally, let’s hear from Amanda.

“Super knowledgeable and friendly staff. Holistic and compassionate approach to chiropractic care. Have been a client for several years and have worked through many issues including back, hip, and knees. Clinician has collaborated with other professionals to provide best treatment possible.”

— Amanda Nemenz

Thanks for telling us how you feel, Amanda. We’re glad you noticed how knowledgeable our staff is. Because we’re so respected, we’re able to draw some of the best staff in the area to work for our chiropractic office, which only increases the level of care that we deliver.

You use the word holistic, and we’re glad you did. All to often the medical community will be very myopic when it comes to looking at problems, when in fact the body is so interconnected that fixing one problem can end up fixing others. We want to treat your health as a whole, not just throw medicine at the symptoms.

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