This year has been an unusual one for most people. The worldwide pandemic has surely changed the way many people work, travel, and go to school. With a continued focus on social distancing, many businesses are allowing their employees to work from the safety of their own homes. While this is a good idea for helping to prevent the spread of the virus, working in a different environment that may not be set up for ergonomics is taking a toll on many people’s backs. 

In today’s blog from Flex Chiropractic, we want to help those of you who are working from home by giving you some tips to help prevent and manage back pain. Keep reading, and if you’re in need of a chiropractic adjustment, contact Flex Chiropractic in Columbia.

Tip #1: Avoid sitting for long periods

If you were lucky enough to have a standing desk at work, then you’re probably missing it now that you’re working from home. When you sit for extended periods at your desk, it constricts the blood flow in your legs and puts pressure on your spine. Experts even say that sitting for too long too often can be bad for your heart and brain. Long story short, feel better, and stay healthy by setting a reminder to get up every half hour or as often as possible.

Tip #2: Move around at least once an hour

It’s not enough to just stand up every so often, your body needs to move to really get the blood pumping. Although you might not be able to take a 10-minute break every hour, try to at least do some stretches at your desk or even do a few jumping jacks. If you have a conference call, consider using a wireless headset so you can walk during your meeting. And, when you can get away from your desk don’t just go to another room and sit down — walk up and down the stairs a few times, take a walk down to the mailbox, or take your dog for a stroll around the block.

Tip#3: Invest in a good chair

When you do sit down, having a good chair can make all the difference in how your back feels. Look for a chair with the right combination of cushion and support and then make sure it’s the right height for your desk. If you’re short, you may have to use a lumbar support cushion and use a footrest to help keep your feet securely planted. If you’re hunched over, have to reach for your keyboard, or are sitting on the edge of your seat, you’ll need to make adjustments or find a better fitting chair.  

Tip #4: Make sure your computer monitor is at the right height

Many people experience back and neck pain because their computer monitor isn’t at the right height. Oftentimes, people will be sitting at a level that requires them to look down at their monitor. This puts great stress on your neck muscles and can cause your back to get out of alignment. 

The next time you’re at your desk, look at your monitor — is your head completely straight and level? If not, you’ll want to invest in a stand that can put your screen at the right height.

Tip #5: Avoid working from the couch or in bed

Have you always wished you didn’t have to get up and get ready for work each morning? Now that you have that option, you might be tempted just to reach for your laptop and work in your PJs without even getting out of bed. As comfy as it sounds, working from your bed or even a couch can wreak havoc on your back. You won’t have support where you need it, plus sitting hunched over restricts your breathing, reduces circulation, and is just plain bad for you. 

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